Ronnie Nathanielsz’s Twitter Post draws ire from Triathletes and SEA Games Followers

As I was greeted this morning at the office by colleagues and friends online lauding the admirable winnings by our country folk in the SEA Games in Singapore, a friend and colleague sneered at a twitter post by renowned sports analyst and commentator Ronnie Nathanielsz. Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.36.22 PM Do note however that the post is from August 2013 (Almost two years ago). While it is understandable for our fellow endurance-sports athletes to be upset with such a remark, I have also found myself in the past reacting without getting the entire picture. And while perhaps I do agree that the triathlon or perhaps even cycling, running, swimming, rugby and gymnastics etc. might never get the same followings as basketball even in our home courts, I’d still like to thank our Filipino athletes for giving us the honor of their wins and efforts. Perhaps I also say this in hope that our government would recognize other sports where we might actually have an advantage if not an equal footing. Social Media is great but the faster flows of information requires more vigilance and prudence from all of us.