How Facebook’s video-traffic explosion is shaking up the advertising world

The future is video!


Cenk Uygur can pinpoint the day he realized that Facebook [fortune-stock symbol=”FB”] video was going to rewrite his business model. It was April 6, the day his digital-video startup, TYT Network, uploaded a clip to the social network called “Teachers Sent to Jail FOR DECADES.”

The video didn’t strike Uygur as anything special—just a typical example of his network’s progressive news commentary. But by lunchtime, it had racked up 7 million Facebook “impressions,” or people who saw it in their Facebook News Feed. By the time he finished eating, it had added another million. He looked again when he arrived at his Los Angeles office: 9 million, total. And after he taped a show: 15 million. A day later, 18 million people had seen it. The day after that? Twenty-three million.

Looking over the stats, Uygur, who is TYT’s CEO, thought about all the videos his startup shared on the…

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