The Human Sigma and The Science of Emotional Engagement

In a recent interview with South Snippets, we talked about humanizing the engagement process. Social Media has made it easier for brands to engage with their audience but what is more important is that unlike mainstream media, SocMed is based around communities that share experiences. Algorithms are designed around behavior and much of what is being measured is an individual’s reaction or engagement with the content.

In Fleming Ph.D and Asplund’s book “The Human Sigma” there was a compelling statement where they dedicated an entire chapter on: “Feelings are Facts.” As a matter of fact (pun intended) Donna and I spoke about the emotional nature of social media management. It is a subject that every good brand should get right. On another scale shown by a former colleague, we could see how we should move up and down, or move across the scale in turning non-customers into fans. The secret is in managing the human encounter and their “feelings/emotions”.

Take a look at the image above this page, and have a look at the scale below:

Where can you find your business relationships along this scale?

The ability to turn True-blue non-customers and suspects into raving fans depends on the degree of emotional engagement the business or individual has with his customers. In review of Fleming and Asplund’s framework, we need to start at confidence at the very base and gradually moving up from confidence to integrity, integrity to pride, and finally from pride to passion.

Where is your business or brand along these scales? Do you have customers or do you have fans? Do your customers trust your reputation and thereby confident in you? Do you always speak the truth (as I drilled on with South Snippets)? Do you always deliver on your commitments? This builds into your “Integrity”. Does your track-record build “Trust”? Will they always listen and act upon your advice? Will they listen to “just you” outside of all the noise? Can they live in a world without you? If it’s a Yes to the last question, then you’ve reached “Passion”.

The more customers are emotionally engaged or attached, the harder it is for anybody else to steal that “relationship”.

Invest in meaningful relationships. Don’t be afraid of feelings. They are real. Acknowledge them. Manage the emotional encounter and its subsequent exchange. Make it authentic.

If you have any questions, or wish to talk about these frameworks, please leave a note below. I’ll be happy to entertain your questions.